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International The Netherlands Small in size, but very dynamic The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food products, after the United States, and the third largest agricultural exporter in the world. Virgin Nuts uses all-natural ingredients (cinnamon, maple, caramel, vanilla, gingerbread, herbs, spices, sea salt, pepper, garlic, coconut, lavender ....) to develop origi- nal and tasty coatings for all types of nuts (pecans, cashews, almonds ...) for the retail, wholesale (snacks), and food-processing (ingredient) sectors. The company based in Rhenen, in the Netherlands, also offers coated grains (quinoa, sorghum, rice, sun- flower and pumpkin seeds, muesli ...). Virgin Nuts was attending MDD Expo for the first time and took the opportunity to showcase its products to the French private label brand market. “Although the French snack market is unusual, in that there is no culture of snack breaks as in other countries, we believe that our products can be an attractive addition to those that already exist. Imagine combining a French cheese board with lavender honey-coated nuts or almonds with honey and sea salt!” says José van Merkestijn, Head of Sales, Marketing, and Advertising. “In addition to nuts for snacking, we offer nut-based ingre- dients that may interest other sectors: ice creams, chocolates, pastries.” The exhibitor complimented the organiza- tion of the exhibition, saying that it stands out from other international events by its professionalism. “There were fewer visi- tors than expected, probably because of the weather and transport strikes. But that downside would be quickly forgotten if a couple of serious business opportunities materialize over the next few months.” discover more dutch exhibitors at www.mdd- exposants | 19